Internship Diary: Fridolin Wolf, Germany

Fridolin Wolf was our intern for 3 months. Frido is a graduate of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and has a Degree in Sociology and Economics. He carried out Unit Seven related market research by creating and conducting surveys.

 “I had a great time working at Unit Seven. During my 3 months internship I improved my English and learned how to work on projects, making decisions and being responsible for the outcome. That has a big value for my professional future! I also enjoyed the social events at Unit Seven for example watching World Cup games after work or playing table foosball tournaments. I had a great time in Torquay and hope to come back as soon as possible!” said Frido.

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The Erasmus intern program has allowed us to work with some great people over the last couple of years. Frido’s background gave us the opportunity to pursue some business development projects that were beyond our in house skill set. I think we may well have learned as much from Frido as he did from us.” said Mark Green, Managing Director of Fruition Creative Services.

Unit Seven welcomes periodically interns from all over the world. Their work experience is valuable to us and it contributes to their overall professional and personal development.

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