Hot Desk Feature – Angela Sanders (Angela Sanders Consulting)

Each month we have a chat with some of the lovely people using our Work Hub, so that you can learn more about their work, what lead them here and what its like to be a part of Unit Seven.

Angela Sanders, Angela Sanders Consulting

I run a small consultancy company specialising in research and evaluation. My clients are mainly from education, community and voluntary organisations. Depending on the requirements of the assignment I may be able to complete the work myself or I work with a team of people.

I started using work hubs when I started my business over 4 years ago. I have an office at home, which is my main base, but I find hot-desking a great way to mix the benefits of having an office at home and as a space away. I initially started using a work hub in Totnes but then I was told about Unit Seven and I now use Unit Seven on a regular basis.

One of the greatest benefits of using this work hub is that it’s a useful way of networking and socialising with other people. It really helps me to stay connected with the local community. The location is ideal as I have access to the shops as well as the lovely ‘crab sandwiches’ on the quay!

Unit Seven is a sociable and vibrant place to work. For people who have never used a work hub they might find it hard to understand so I say to them ‘I hot desk at Unit Seven one day a week and its great a place’ – plus it’s great value. I get work done but at the same time I get to say hi to some people and find out what other people are up to. There is an element of ‘peer-support’ too, if I want to ask about an aspect of ‘do you know…’ then either someone knows or they might know who does know.

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